Instant Decay works to contradict the common opinion of beauty standards and the exploitation of models in the realm of traditional fashion photography. This series of images represent the idea that taking a person’s photo can immortalize them, in a way, but it can also be an act of brutality. As my style has developed into editorial portraiture, I’ve become more aware and understanding of the exploitation of models in the fashion industry. Over the last few years I have compiled an archive of polaroid images from my editorial shoots; constantly collaborating with and photographing different kinds of people. This work challenges traditional views of portraiture as an art form by manipulating my original images. 
The subjects in these photographs are beautiful, but the physical manipulations aggressively obscure them, keeping them from possible objectification and brutality. By obscuring different areas of the polaroids, I’m forcing the audience to consider how these gruesome textures and vibrant forms change the way they take in the imagery. 
Through this project, I’m hoping that my viewers are able to shift their perspective on what they consider to be traditional fashion photography, holding the viewer in wonder about the process of decay as they look at the disfigured images highlighted through the intense video projection. 
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